What You Should Know About NFC or Near Field Communication

Man using his smartphoneNFC is a term that you probably hear when it comes to new models of smartphones. However, it is likewise something that not too many people use, much less know about. But the reality is that NFC is very easy to understand, and it’s something that could be very useful. Below you’ll find out what exactly NFC is and what you could use it for.

What Exactly is NFC?

NFC or Near Field Communication provides your smartphone with a way of interacting with other devices that are nearby. In general, it could work within a 4-cm radius and offers a standard wireless connection between devices. It works by providing 2-way communication to two devices, with both of the devices being capable of receiving and sending information, explains a top NFC company that manufacturers custom NFC tags.

The most notable feature of the NFC technology is that it doesn’t rely on LTE, 3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi to work. It likewise doesn’t cost a cent to use. If you’re unsure whether or not your smartphone has NFC, check the rear panel for an NFC logo. Otherwise, check if there’s an option for NFC.

You could NFC for the following tasks:

  • Sending phone numbers;
  • Sending photos;
  • Sending documents;
  • Sending directions;
  • Launching an app on another person’s smartphone;
  • Making payments; and
  • Connecting with NFC tags, which are small physical stickers or tags that contain NFC chips that you could program to hold information.

The Bottom Line

NFC technology offers one of the fastest ways to set up wireless connections between NFC-enabled devices and the quickest solution for transferring files between devices within close proximity of each other. It’s excellent when you don’t have credit, no data, don’t have Wi-Fi or signal from your carrier, or don’t have access to a cable for a PC transfer. NFC is easy to use, fast, and best of all, free.

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