User Experience Optimisation: Tapping into Micro-Moments

Micro-MomentsMobile changed the way users interact online, whether they're making a purchase or simply browsing a website. These changes reflect in the customer journey, and Google calls these micro-moments.

Micro-moments depict how most of today's users engage a website. These moments make up a user's action on a particular need – getting information, buying from an online store, etc. These micro-moments shape buying decisions and preferences.

So, what do these micro-moments have to do with website optimisation? A lot. If you fail to capture these micro-moments, you are likely to lose traffic and conversions.

Here are a few quick tips to align your website with this user behaviour:

Speed is Your Game

You have a great website — the graphics are superb, the navigation is seamless, and all the information your target audience needs are there. All of the effort you put into making this happen will only go to waste if your website has a slow load speed.

The attention span of online users is getting shorter, and not optimising your site for speed will cost you traffic. As most web design companies in Brisbane recommend, optimise the important page elements and eliminate the unnecessary ones to improve your website speed.

Context in Content is Key

Content is, and will always be, king. But, content will not be great without context. To tap into micro-moments, context plays a crucial role in the user experience. The most important thing you have to answer in your content is, "Would this be helpful or relevant to target users?"

Optimise for the User Journey

When you optimise a website, the goal should always be to provide a seamless experience for the user. After all, micro-moments are all about the user journey while browsing using different devices or channels.

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Improve your site navigation to ensure users will land on the appropriate page at every stage of their journey. Populate your pages with relevant content that contain the appropriate keywords to rank in queries.

Every site owner should gear for the changes in today's digital landscape if they want to win at these micro-moments. Once they successfully tap into this behaviour, they can expect more than just traffic and conversions — a boost in business could be on their way.