Up Your Rankings: Avoid These SEO Strategies

SEO StrategiesGone are the days when building too many links and creating superfluous content worked up your rankings. As search engine algorithms continue to change, you need to embrace new strategies and drop old approaches. Many SEO companies in Denver, Boston, and Colorado suggest being active, engaged, and dynamic within your marketplace.

Do not rely on yesterday’s ways and always be aware of everyday site changes. Denver SEO practitioners share a few strategies you need to avoid.

Treating social media just as a social platform

A good website with a good content is not enough to encourage brand awareness. If you want better search results, incorporate social media sites in your strategy. While the primary purpose of Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ is for socialization, they can help increase the popularity of your website.

With billions of people using Facebook and other social media platforms, it makes sense to be social and increase your presence online. Make it a habit to post and update content on social media channels. It is also a good idea to add social buttons on site/blogs to make it easy for people to share your content.

Making it difficult for customers to submit forms

Most e-commerce or business websites have forms that visitors can fill out for inquiries, appointments, and sales. If these forms, however, have too many “required-to-be-filled” text boxes, customers can quickly lose interest. This is particularly true for those that have confusing questions.

When your forms take too long to fill out, you run the risk of losing leads and potential customers. Be sure to limit the content and include only the most appropriate and relevant questions. You can always ask for the rest of the necessary details in your response.

Thinking that local SEO is just for small businesses

Local SEO is no longer just for small local businesses. All businesses, regardless of size and type, can benefit from this strategy. This is particularly true for start-ups, as they need to let people know about the products or services they provide.

Do not wait for the competition to get ahead of you. Incorporate new strategies and consult an SEO company to help you with this endeavor.