Types of Conveyors

Packing Solution CompanyIn the modern machine collections, there lie the conveyors. They are designed to move different types of cases, cartons, jars, bottles, and cans, with minimum pressure and maximum efficiency.

Experts at Volumetric Technologies note that various types of tabletop conveyors are made for moving different products, with the designs and belt type being made according to your specific requirements. In case you are planning to purchase a tabletop conveyor for your business, here are options worth considering.

Belt Conveyors

This type uses a continuous belt to convey materials or products from one place to the other. When purchasing, key specification to be considered include your load capacity, belt type, conveyor width, and length, and also the conveyor’s electrical requirements. This conveyor is used in applications such as baggage handling, food services, scrap handling, packaging, and postal services among others. The belt can be made from metal or non-metal material depending on its application.


These material-handling systems use double-sided containers that are hooked to chains or cables to move material or products. When purchasing key specifications should include machine configuration, the load capacity of the bucket, the electrical requirements and also the throughput out of the system. They are popularly used in spare parts, food handling, and bulk material handling industries.

Powered Rollers

This system consists of power rollers that are mounted on frames to convey products and materials. Key specifications should include the roller material and diameter, the type of drive used, the axle center dimension, and also the load capacity. They come in various drive types, which include sprockets, belts, and chains. They are popularly applied in packaging, steel making, and food handling.

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The type of a conveyor that you go for will majorly depend on the type of business you are running, the speed of the conveyor, the ability of the conveyor to change elevation and the industry focus. They come in a variety of sizes with some being several feet long for packaging purposes, and other a mile long for use in mining operations. Thus, consider all the factors before purchasing your conveyor.