Top Six Places to Install a Security Camera at Home

Home Security CameraSo you have finally decided to buy security cameras for your home. The question now is which part of the house do you plan to arm with these security and surveillance features? It is through strategic placement of your cameras that you can get the best value from them. Here’s a quick guide to the best locations to set your home security cams.

Front Door

Front doors are the most common entry points of burglars. You can set your cam at the second-floor level or in the eves to prevent it from becoming knocked out by intruders. If there’s no way but to install the cameras on a lower level, enclose it in mesh wiring for added protection.

Back Door

The back door is another area where intruders love to sneak through. When choosing a camera for such areas, go for weatherproof and sturdy units. Dealers of security cameras in Indianapolis suggest buying cams with night vision features for outdoor applications.

Off-Street Windows

Rear windows are also a common target because they are not in direct view of the street. A great option here is a wireless camera with remote control surveillance features. You can operate these cameras using a mobile device.

Ground Floor Windows

A first-floor window is another efficient place to install a cam. You can simply place it on a table facing the window so you get a clear view of a potential break-in.

Backyard Gate

A single security camera is often not enough for spacious backyards. One smart way to get the most out of a sole camera in your backyard is to set it to the entry point or gate.

Basement Stairs

Your basement also needs surveillance, North Star Home recommends. This is especially true if it has hatches, doors, or small windows that are large enough for a person to get through. Put the cam on the stairs leading to your home. Motion sensor cameras are perfect for this application.

Learn more about installing a home security cam by consulting with a licensed and experienced local dealer.