Top of the Line Headlines: Strategies for Writing Click-worthy Titles

Strategies for WritingHeadlines all too often end up becoming just an afterthought when writing content; a ‘label’ for a certain blog post. The simple fact, though, is that headlines should be treated with just as much care as the actual body of the text. It is the first thing readers see; sometimes the one thing that makes an impression.

No matter how great your blog is, if the headline isn’t click-worthy, the piece will just end up lost in the vast void that is the Internet — never to be read. Ever.

Don’t let your blog go unread. Here are some effective strategies used by blog writers to produce click-worthy titles.

Strength in Numbers

Readers are naturally drawn to numbers. When people see numbers, the brain automatically organizes information in chronological order. It establishes a sense of structure, and promises a quicker, scan-friendly read. This is precisely what people look for — easy-to-understand information.

Use numbers in your headlines. Choose odd digits as these earn higher click-through rates. For example, “7 Ways to Rock That Little Black Dress” or “11 Design Principles for Your Home Office.”

Power of Pun-ny Phrases

Humor gets clicks. People go online not just for information, but entertainment as well. If you can combine these two in your blog titles, your blog will stand out from the rest — even if your content is about a cliché or boring topic, like an Easter Egg Hunt. You can write an ‘eggstraordinary’ headline for this very simple and common subject and get more clicks.

Of course, don’t just focus on puns. Master other forms of word play like alliteration, onomatopoeia and anagrams.

Quest for the Right Questions

Questions in titles provoke thought and instantly create intrigue. It draws people in to satisfy their curiosity. While it may be easy to ask questions, it’s a different story if you’re aiming for interesting queries. You have to find the right angle when asking.

See the big difference in these two similar questions: “How Much Water Do You Need in a Day?” and “Do You Really Need to Drink 8 Glasses of Water a Day?” The former asks about a fact, while the latter asks, and then challenges the truth. The latter is more interesting and click-worthy.

Headlines shouldn’t be an afterthought when writing content. Put a lot of thought in your titles and make your blog click-worthy.