Timelessness: Why Tribute Bands are Never Going to be Out of Fashion

Tribute BandMore often than not, bands dream of the ‘rock star life’. Typical and ambitious—yes. But the reality is, not every band can make it that far, as the stage is never going to be large enough to accommodate every dreamer. Going that far entails a tonne of hard work, skill, talent and effective managing. For the bands, though, who have the skills good enough to cover the greatest bands, there is another route they can take.

Timeless Music

A concert promoter notes how legendary rock bands such as Pink Floyd, Genesis and Led Zeppelin are never going to perform again with its original members. To see these bands play live will never come to fans that came to discover their music just recently and this is disappointing. The next best thing is to trust tribute bands.

With less the price but with near-perfection, tribute bands live to cover the music of their idols. Some go as far as to even imitate the look. Garston Entertainments Ltd, for example, manages several artists. As one of the UK’s leading entertainment agencies, the company provides several tribute acts for fans yearning for their favourite music.

Tribute bands have been popular since time immemorial. It was in 1964 when a band, the Buggs, cut a Beatles tribute album. Can you even recall the slew of Elvis acts back in the 70s and the 80s? Today, there are tribute bands even covering artists who are still alive. The act of impersonation (or imitation, to be subtle) has grown into a category of its own due to the demand – not only because of talent but also because tribute covers provide a more practical alternative.

It is in reproducing the performance wherein fans can experience what it is like attending a concert by their favourite artists. Tribute bands, in essence, have more chances of making a profit than bands hoping to hit the road to stardom.

Since music is a part of our everyday lives, it comes as no surprise why playing covers can pull in a large audience. The timelessness of music and the ability to provide people with the same quality of sound is what keeps tribute bands in the game.