The Value of Consumer Insights in Today’s Online Marketing World

Understanding Customer InsightsMarketing has changed a lot over the years. A big chunk of this change is attributed to the influx of different online marketing trends. With these improvements, consumer insighting has become an essential element of any marketing campaign.

Simply put, consumer insighting is one way of getting “truths” about customer behaviour—why they buy the product and why they love the brand. These truths are almost always culturally ingrained. Getting the right insight will help you come up with a great marketing campaign.

Here are some ways you can get consumer insights:


The easiest manual technique that you can do is go out and watch people. Take a commute and observe how people behave. You can also eavesdrop (just make sure you won’t get caught!). Doing these things will let you know what people are talking about. List down these ideas and find a way to connect them to your brand and its strengths.

Go Online

If going out is too strenuous for you, you can always go online to find out what people are talking about. The online world is full of different conversations. All it takes for you is click on a hashtag and voila! You can “stalk” your family and friends. You may also delegate surveys. Some people even get paid for online surveys.

Look at the Data

If simple online observation is too superficial for you, do some social media listening. This won’t only help you find fresh insights; it can also help you find new customers and discover influencers that your brand can turn to. Just secure the data that you can amass from this activity.

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These are only some of the things you need to keep in mind if you want to get new insights for your business. If you want a more in-depth course of action, work with a reliable research company specialising in consumer insighting.