The Top 3 Highest Earning IT Professions

woman in front of computerInformation technology has always been at the forefront of this and the previous century’s modern industries. It’s the engine that keeps society and economies running, which makes it no wonder that many are switching to a career in the said field. While notorious for being a high-stress profession, the financial rewards cannot be ignored, as well as the perks of being part of something truly innovative and original.

Here are some of the best careers in the IT field that have risen in popularity in the past decade:

Full stack developer

Full stack developers are highly skilled workers who are in demand in almost all kinds of organizations. They create digital tools that organizations use, from websites to software. The lowest salary one can get is $50,000, but some earn over $100,000.

As with other sub-branches of IT, some positions can command an even higher rate, such as a full stack developer for business intelligence and project manager. Rates vary depending on where you work, although those in the upper tier seem to receive a greater salary at tech companies such as Tesla, Microsoft and Amazon.

Data scientist

Data scientists analyze data in an organization, big or small. By studying data, whether for a company’s process streamlining initiative or a marketing endeavor, data analysts provide indispensable insights to C-suite executives and managers.

The average salary for data scientists in 2015 is $124,150, and the job market for this position is expected to grow by 15 percent in the next 10 years.

Systems architect

Systems architects are a hybrid of network engineers and cybersecurity professionals in that they design networking systems and ensure their security. Their job within a company is remarkable as well as it is a highly specialized role. Apart from the designing and building a company’s network infrastructure, they also handle research and technical support.

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The median salary of systems engineers is around $97,873. There are also a thousand job openings for the profession on average.