The Low Down on Pregnancy and Dentistry

pregnant motherBeing pregnant means always having to remember that there are two people affected by every action: the mother and the baby, and so going to the dentist becomes a bit more complicated than before. Mums-to-be want to know if they can still safely go to the dentist in SW14, and if so, what they can have done.

More important than ever

Something happens to the mouth when all those hormones are crashing about, and it means that going to the dentist in SW14 is even more important for expectant mothers. Dentists, such as those at Sheen Dental Care, advise mums-to-be to come for more frequent check-ups and cleanings so that their teeth are safe from pregnancy gum disease.

Elevated progesterone levels in the mouth affect the bacteria that create plaque. The plaque builds up more quickly than in women who are not pregnant. Plaque is that sticky film that covers the teeth. It gives off acids and this affect the gums, so much so during pregnancy that mums have to be aware of pregnancy gingivitis (pregnancy gum disease). The gums can become swollen and inflamed and can bleed during brushing. The next stage is for the bone under the gums to be attacked, loosening the teeth and making them more prone to falling out at a later time.

General treatments

There is no need to avoid treatments at any stage during pregnancy, if they are needed, but mums are advised, to be on the safe side, to steer clear of treatments during the first trimester and the last six weeks of pregnancy. Check-ups can take place at any time, but it’s a good idea to avoid elective procedures and those that require surgery until the baby has been born.

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Getting ready for pregnancy

When a couple are planning a baby, the mother-to-be can come to the dentist before conception and get her teeth in great shape so that they stand their best chance during pregnancy. This is a chance to deal with any outstanding issues that might require surgery.

After the birth

The dentist in SW14 recommends bringing baby along to appointments to get it used to the dental environment as early as possible.