The Coolest Futuristic Car Remote Keys

Car KeyToday, it is possible to accomplish a lot of things using remote or sensors. In fact, it is no longer surprising to find cars that offer such a luxury. Remote Pro shares a few futuristic car remote keys that will get you asking: is there anything else that is not doable using a remote?

BMW 7-Series

When it comes to technological and mechanical advancements, the 7-series stays at the top of the pack. What makes this brand stand out is the remote control parking system controlled by the remote key. This key features a 2.2 LCD touchscreen that enables the driver to remotely summon and park their car. You heard it right. The key functions as your remote controller.

This car remote is basically a smartphone, minus the feature to make calls. First presented as an option in the i8 Hybrid sports car, it shows vital information about the car’s central locking systems, fuel range and levels, time and status and parameters. It can even send service notifications to the owner! Additionally, you can charge the BMW display key via USB cable or through a wireless charger.

Pagani Huayra

At first glance, the device resembles a USB thumb drive but it is actually both a car remote and the key to the ignition. This $3,700 aluminium key resembles the shape of the actual car. The top half of the remote functions like a typical pen drive while the bottom half is where you will find the key.

Bugatti’s Top Speed Key

This second key is a special one as it can help you unlock the full potential of the Bugatti. The Bugatti Veyron will not be able to speed past 200 miles per hour without the second key plugged into the designated slot behind the driver’s seat. Upon activating the top speed mode, the car carries out a series of safety assessments, lowers its chassis, and shuts the diffuser flaps to allow the car to hit speeds beyond 240 miles per hour.

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These car remote keys are indeed cool and futuristic. Which car remote do you think is the coolest?