Technology and the Evolution of Public Relations

Public RelationsPublic relations (PR) is a tool vital to the success of businesses. Despite its ever-evolving nature, it’s no secret that technology has influenced the most changes on the tool yet. The digital age has forever altered the relationships between brands, reporters, and buyers, in fact.

It proved to be challenging for PR professionals to catch up with the sudden change in the work environment, though. In fact, the founders of the PR platform Babbler established their company to bridge the communication gap between the PR and media worlds. Here are some specific technological factors that are changing the practice of PR.

Increased Demand for Immediacy

PR professionals have always had to work around deadlines. The pressure to deliver their work before press time has only increased with the rise of social media, which allowed news to travel faster than ever before. PR pros these days, therefore, experience almost the same kind of urgency in their work as journalists.

If you don’t meet the public’s expectation of an immediate response, the fallout could hurt your brand. That’s why the ability to diffuse a situation in a swift and sincere manner is a necessary skill in corporate communications.

Growth of Thought Leadership

This marketing trend positions business executives and companies as leaders in their sectors. Before a brand promotes its message, then, its executives first focus on surrounding their audience with valuable, educational, and engaging content. This serves as a great framework for related PR campaigns and strategies.

Paid Ads Becoming more Relevant

A 2016 data shows that over 50 percent of B2B marketing professionals use paid promotions to distribute their content. This kind of strategy is paying off since ads are seeing higher and higher returns. PR professionals should look for new ways to invest in paid social distribution to keep up.

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With the constant modifications that the PR process goes through, industry professionals need to be flexible in their methods to adapt.