Securing Your Alternate Entrance: The Garage

Home Garage

A typical crime movie would show a burglar entering the house through a window or backdoor, get everything he can and leave the house in a getaway car: the one in the garage. It’s a cliché in movies, but it happens in real life, too. So you need to pay attention to every entrance to your home, especially the garage.

Here are ways to secure your garage door:

1. Keep your Garage Remote Secure

Never leave your garage remote in your car when you park your vehicle. Burglars can easily get into your car in a number of ways. When this happens, they’ll have access to your property with the garage remote.

Some remotes for garages feature multiple buttons. According to Remote Pro, these buttons are programmed for access to other doors.

2. Install Motion Sensors for your Exterior Lights

Sensors detect body movements and temperature. Your lights turn upon detection. Since burglars don’t like well-lit properties, they’re not likely to stick around and enter your home.

3. Consider Timers, If you have a Tendency to Forget Locking Up

You may forget to close the garage door, especially when you are running late. To prevent thieves from entering your home, program a timer to close the garage door after a set amount of time.

4. Use Traditional Locks

Padlocks and keys are not a thing of the past. In fact, going back to the basics is one of the most effective means to keep intruders out of your garage and home, especially if you are going away on a holiday for a long time. Burglars can hack advanced security tools; a sturdy padlock isn’t foolproof, but it could take a burglar more time to breach.

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But a security system isn’t your only protection against burglars. Vigilance is sometimes a good addition to keeping your home safe. Be aware of your surroundings, stay cautious, and you may prevent burglars from entering your home, through the garage or the windows (just like in the movies).