Parents, Help Your Children Prepare for Senior High School: Here’s a Guide

A class of high school studentsSenior high school in the Philippines has only been around for two years, and for any continuing high school student, feelings of uncertainty as to what to expect may lead to fear and anxiety. Parents of upcoming senior high students, in K-12 schools such as St. Edward Integrated School in Cavite, can prepare their child for senior high with the guideline below:

What Are Your Child’s Interests?

First of all, you can help your child discover his/her interests. Interests can greatly factor into the Track and Strand choice of your child. You can ask your child questions over dinner to help him or her seriously think about it. You can also help in researching about the Tracks and Strands available so that your child can choose better.

What Are Your Child’s Strengths and Weaknesses?

Of course, you can also help your child think about his or her strengths and weaknesses. When your child has a weakness in math, but has excellent communication and English skills, your child may excel in humanities or social sciences. You can easily determine your child’s strengths and weaknesses by simply looking at his or her current academic grades.

What Career Does Your Child Want to Pursue?

Other than helping your child to identify his/her strengths, weaknesses and interests, you can also sit down with him/her to discuss his/her future career options. Senior high acts as a first taste of undergraduate courses that lead to professional careers. The earlier your child sets his or her sights on a particular career, the easier it will be to turn senior high into a first step towards that career.

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Extra Help

Other ways that can help your child prepare for senior high include improving study skills and habits and learning how to spend wisely to allot enough for group projects, among many more. You can ask the parents of current senior high school students for tips.

Senior high school may be quite tough, as current students report, but your child will enjoy it with your help. This way, your child can easily transition from Junior High School to Senior High school without worrying about what lies ahead.