No-Till Farming: A Friendlier Option

FarmingThanks to the Earth’s natural resources, humans are able to live a healthy and well-provided life. Likewise, due to human nature, natural resources including the soil are being destroyed. Though the different players in the business and agricultural field are taking steps to help prevent further damage and contamination of such resources, there are still others who stick to their old habits and lead to the destruction of Earth’s natural resources.

To prevent further destruction and abuse, Exapta Solutions, Inc and other experts say that no-till farming is a good way to help preserve the soil. Agricultural tools like no-till seed drills are slowly being used to promote no-till farming.

What is no-till farming?

Traditionally, farming involves mechanical tools to dig, stir, and overturn the soil for the preparation of farming. Though this process has worked for a long time, it has affected the soil negatively and has caused degradation and damage. This, in turn, affected the quality of crops and production. 

Tilling the soil is important because it is believed to loosen up, allowing water and oxygen to enter properly and letting the roots to spread and grow. In the long run, however, the consequences of such actions are outweighing the benefits.

No-till farming involves the use of soil-friendly tools to help prepare the soil for farming, minus the damage. It might not be as loose as tilled soil, but its quality is better. Moreover, you can reduce the risk of erosion and other accidents.

How does no-till farming work?

No-till farming is achievable by trading your old traditional tools to no-till ones. Soil-friendly tools are now common in the market. However, despite having no-till farming as an option, you should be aware of some side effects that come with it. These include weed maintenance and risk of carrying over plant diseases.

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No-till farming can be a great alternative to help preserve the soil while at the same time enjoy the benefits the Earth gives its people.