Management Over Obscurity: Better to Be Visible and Safe than Hidden But Vulnerable

Server MaintenanceFor as long as everyone in the industry can remember, obscurity has always been an option for database security. Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes. But in reality, there are few cases where that would actually work. Any server has multiple entry points, and hackers need only the smallest hole to creep in and do their damage.

Furthermore, it is not just a matter of security; it is also a matter of management: a decreased focus on safety could mean decreased focus on efficiency in server databases. Rather than invest in pushing the database out of the spotlight, it is better to ensure that safeguards are in place. It is advisable to keep the database visible, but with ample protection against attacks whilst performing at optimal levels.

Has Obscurity Worked?

Hiding the servers is not a new idea, but has this tactic really proven useful? One towering example is the hidden harvesting of the U.S.’s Office of Personnel Management. Odds are, few people have heard of this agency because it is, by and large, not something that interests the general public. Nevertheless, it served as the bridge for hackers, allegedly Chinese, to access the health insurer, Anthem. The result was a colossal identity theft, owing to Anthem’s 80-million strong customer base.

Although there are no guarantees that your database will be completely protected from hackers, despite your best efforts, ensuring server safety is no longer optional. Attacks are constant and hackers will steal whatever is worth stealing. Aside from determining server security, you also need to maintain the full capability of your servers. And having security leaves you with one less thing to worry about. That way, you or your database administrator can focus on performance tuning.Without performance tuning, you may not be getting every ounce of horsepower from your servers/databases.

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Why Administration is Invaluable

It is one thing to be safe, it is another for your servers to be in tip-top shape. As important as security is, ascertaining that you have adequate measures against technical incidents and failures could probably be a bigger win. By having administrators, such as DBA Services, you have the lot: people who will look after both the safety and the health of your database/s.

Prioritise full management from the start and you will have fewer headaches, down the road. The dependability and security of your servers will help to protect your company’s future.