Lose The Gimmicks: 3 Ways To Display For A Trade Show

An Event ExhibitIn events, there’s a golden rule that exhibitors must offer value to their guests and viewers. It’s a sad fact of our modern culture that many things with little to no sense receive a high percentage of attention, especially in the popular media.

But just because this gimmickry takes over the national spotlight, leading event production companies in Denver, Co, all agree that you shouldn’t let empty stunts annex your marketing plan. Here are four areas of caution for businesses who want to display their brand in a good light:

Exhibiting for shock value is a recipe for disaster.

When designing your booth, you need to keep your target audience in mind. Perhaps it’s already obvious to create something that shows what your brand is about and how it connects to your customers. Still, it is extremely common for exhibitors to design for shock value. If your business is about skincare, don’t place a giant brain on a pole above your booth just to attract visitors.

Giving away cheap trinkets will create a cheap impression.

Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be considered valuable. Be authentic and give away memorable items that can help your attendees with their job or daily life. It could be a slide chart that helps them compute calories burned (for a health show) or a pocket guide of the city with your brand on the cover (for travel agencies).

Attracting huge crowds that don’t have to do anything with your brand will leave you exhausted with few leads.

This often happens when a high-profile celebrity is present at the booth. Many people flock asking for photos and autographs, but will barely pay attention to what the business is advertising. You may have many attendees, but you may end up with only an insignificant number of leads.

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For your next event, lose the gimmicks and explore more creative ways to display your brand. This will help you connect better with your guests and ultimately encourage them to make a purchase.