Keep Your Site Away from Major Search Engines’ Penalties

Maintaining Your Website Penalty-FreeOne way to get more traffic to your website, or at the very least, keep it constantly high, you have to follow the rules and regulations implemented by major search engines. This is particularly true for Google, the search engine that sits atop all of them, but makes constant changes to its algorithmic patterns that can have your stumbling and in a panic.

Take Google for example. Every time it launches algorithmic pattern updates, almost, they affect all, if not all websites. You can have a website or webpage on the first page of search engine results pages (SERPs) today, but after the update, you can have it pushed to the second, even third page.

To prevent such things from happening, keep in mind the following:

  1. Always check the news for possible updates.

To prepare for any minor or major algorithm changes, which Google rolls out about 500 times in a year, according to MOZ, you should regularly check the news from search engine help sites to learn more about any pending or potential changes.

  1. Never underestimate the power of content.

As reputable SEO companies in Minneapolis say, content is king, especially in the world of SEO. However, the content of your website should possess special qualities: relevance, usefulness, interest-piquing, and most importantly fresh and updated.

Google, and many other major search engines, always track websites that do not constantly update their content with new and pertinent content. Once they find you, and they will, and you have not posted any fresh article on your site, expect penalties to come your way.

  1. Forget about quick-result strategies.

These quick-result strategies, known as black hat techniques, are illegal in all search engines. A website that uses them receives some of the worst penalties. There are plenty of other ways to get your ranking up, like organic SEO, backlinking, content marketing, and social media marketing among many others, and these are the things that will not get you into trouble.

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It's best to get some professional help to ensure your website stays search-engine-penalty-free.