Integrating Performance Tests in Preproduction Stage

Man doing JavaScript performance testingConducting JavaScript performance tests early and often is critical if you want to deliver the best digital experience to your users. Besides dealing with performance issues at production level is no fun at all and it is easy to detect performance issues at the source.

Many businesses, however, are not living in this reality because they do not treat performance tests with the seriousness they deserve. Better still address performance issues as bugs no matter how big, or small they are to treat them as the causes of unwanted programming behavior.

Detecting mistakes at an early stage enables their resolution before they cause a significant impact. So, how do you incorporate performance testing into the development life-cycle?

Know What to Test

You need to identify the right metrics to test before conducting performance testing. These parameters depend on the type of your business and set objectives. The primary performance metrics are the quantitative metrics and milestone timings.

Test with Performance as Your Basis

It is common to experience performance related issues, and though some seem so obvious and easy to fix, they may cause major performance issues.

So when examining your metrics, analyze how the parameters will affect your performance to see whether you are focusing on the right things in your current development cycle.

When to Test

Monitoring production is for the purpose of identifying possible slowing down factors while testing before production detects issues between code states. Thus, you should conduct testing when you change your environment.

Staging is key for any functional and stable before production environment, and you should conduct performance testing as a form of sanity check in the development stage. This will ensure you do not deploy any performance defects.

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If you need to ensure that you are offering quality web services so, do not ignore the impact of JavaScript performance testing throughout the entire user flows.