Instances to Use VPNs

Laptop screen showing a VPN app turned onThere is nothing illegal about IPs harvesting their customer’s data online and selling it to third-party marketers. Actually, about all your online data is scraped, organized and sold to advertisers.

If you Google “ladies’ handbags,” for example, don’t be surprised to encounter ads for different brands of women handbags later. This kind of synergy has nothing to do with magical marketing fairies; it’s simply is the ‘Big Data’ in play.

While the third parties may not necessarily use your data maliciously, it can be quite unsettling to know your private data isn’t so private after all. There are many scenarios you may want to use VPNs as follows:

1. To avoid location-based price targeting

Sketchy as it may sound, some online stores will have different prices for the same item. The price difference is based on the country you’re browsing through. The price difference could be on various items ranging from cars, handbags, shoes or even hotel rooms and airfares.

If you do all your shopping online, try to install a VPN tunnel software, and start comparing prices from different locations. You’ll be amazed the bucks you could be saving.

2. Access full Netflix and stream when outside the USA

Due to copyright agreements, when outside the USA, you may have limited access to content from Netflix, Pandora, Hulu and other streaming media providers. This means you may not enjoy many shows and movies when outside U.S. Your access is limited based on your IP address. To resolve this, you need a VPN service that will manipulate your IP, so your IP reads U.S.

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3. When you want to defeat oppressive government censorship

If you’re visiting an oppressive state which prevents you from accessing some websites you need, connecting to a VPN server will help. Countries such as Saudi Araba, Syria, Cuba, China, Afghanistan are some examples of nations that surveil ad limit access to websites. If you have plans to travel to any of these countries, a VPN service is a must-have.

VPNs may slow down your connection speed. However, in some situations, you’d rather deal with slow speed rather than unreasonable restrictions.