Independent Laboratory Testing and How You Can Ease Your Clients’ Fears

Laboratory TestThere are still fewer errors made in laboratory testing but they do happen more often than most suspect. This may, in turn, build mistrust and prevent potential clients from getting the tests they need.

Check the Equipment

Make sure they are completely cleaned and sanitized after every use to avoid contamination. Check, too, that they are calibrated and well-maintained, with all parts in excellent state and working condition. Any compounds necessary for mixing with samples must be routinely checked for expiration and stored correctly to avoid premature deterioration.

Secure Your Samples

Staff should label containers with the patient’s name before beginning the extraction of any sample. Find a laboratory information management system that is easy for your staff to use. LABWORKS explains that this will allow you to store all the necessary patient data and recall them quickly. Keep a secure backup, too, in case of an emergency and your data is lost or corrupted.

Test, Assess, Retest

Check your testing methods. Test the sample from a single patient multiple times. The test should yield the same results each time. The only instance the results can change is if a new sample from the same patient was received and something changed in the patient’s status.

Secure and Timely Delivery

Once the results are out, make sure to contact the patient or requesting physician immediately. Timeliness in delivering results can make a big difference, especially to patients with complicated but treatable diseases.

Get Accredited

Getting accredited can be very difficult. But, it is an extra feather in your cap that can assure potential clients of the quality of your work.

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Just in Case

Sometimes, errors do not lie with the test itself. Those releasing the records, be they laboratory staff or the requesting clinician, might commit mistakes. Secure your facility by making sure all patient data is meticulously recorded, including the transfer of hands of all information and samples. This way, you can easily address any issues with as much efficiency and speed as possible. Your clients will not only thank you, it can also build up their trust in your facility and services.