How to Experience London at Half the Usual Travel Cost

Visiting LondonEverybody wants to visit London at least once in his or her life. People are enticed by the royalty, museums, pubs, theatre, and pretty much whatever London has to offer. The thing is, staying and going around London could be quite costly — but not that costly if you keep the following tips in mind.

  • The majority of London museums are completely free — British History Museum, Museum of London, Science Museum, Tate Modern, The National Gallery and The Natural History Museum — so make sure to visit all these.
  • Purchase an Oyster Card. While this card starts at around 32 GBP, it’s valid for an entire week and could save you as much as 50% on metro system costs. For instance, you’ll have to pay about 4 to 5 GBP for 20 minutes on the Tube, while the same 20-minute ride using your Oyster card will only cost half.
  • Take advantage of free walking tours and don’t forget to witness the ‘changing of the guards’ at the grand Buckingham Palace every 11:30 am as well as the changing of the horse guards every 11:00 at Whitehall. Best of all, you could watch all these for free.
  • Do as the Londoners do and watch people in different markets during Sundays. Take your pick from among the Flower Market, Portobello Market and Camden Market among many others. The food is also more affordable in markets, plus you get to take lots of interesting and candid photos.
  • UK Prepaid Sim Card said do yourself a favour and buy an international SIM card before leaving for the UK. This way, you get to contact your family and friends, and post updates about your time in London without having to worry about expensive data charges upon arriving home.
  • Resist the urge to ride a cab, as doing so will massively reduce your budget. Instead, be a night bus master because the tube is open until 12:30 pm. Get yourself a map of the bus routes and map out all the places you could go to by bus. What’s more, you could even utilise your Oyster Card on the night buses.
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Now all you have to do is pack light, make sure that you have your entire itinerary planned and mapped out perfectly, follow up on your reservations and then go to London to visit the Queen.