Hollywood Looks Up to Drones for More Stunning Aerial Shots

droneHollywood is climbing to greater heights, as drones are becoming the newest must-have gadgets for production companies, crews, and even the paparazzi.

In the recently concluded TheGrill 2015 conference, one of the speakers pointed out that drones are quickly becoming a favorite Hollywood gadget, thanks to their film capabilities, agility, and low cost.

A Leading Role

Steven Amato, CEO of Contend, a content creation studio that offers drone services, says the use of quadcopters is “an enormous opportunity in a way to tell a story for Hollywood. It’s completely changing every day.”

In the battle of the 3DR Solo vs the DJI Phantom 3, there’s no arguing that both quads are great for aerial photos and videos. In fact, these drones are taking on a major role in everything, from shooting commercials and news programs, to movies and sports events.

The remote-controlled aircrafts are taking visual entertainment to new heights, delivering stunning aerials once exclusive for helicopters and big-budget productions.

The Better Flyer

Whatever you choose in the battle of the 3DR Solo vs DJI Phantom 3 drones, you can’t deny that these quads are the more affordable options for aerial videography.

In filming aerial shots, for example, quads are the cheaper option. The price of a full-sized aerial photography drone ranges anywhere from $1,000 to under $3000, with additions and accessories. Helicopter rentals, meanwhile, cost about $700 an hour, without pilot and insurance costs.

For production companies, the unmanned aircraft systems serve as an extra camera, providing a bird’s eye view and another tool for telling a story.

How High Can It Go?

Even with its popularity, people are still split in using drones in various settings. On the non-entertainment side of California, drones are becoming a nuisance for celebrities and ordinary citizens.

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Just recently, California Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a bill that limits the use of paparazzi drones. This comes after numerous complaints by individuals over the paparazzi’s invasion of privacy using drones.

Whatever quad comes out the winner in Phantom 3 vs 3DR Solo reviews, you should know your responsibilities as a drone pilot. Be it for personal or commercial use, you have to always consider the repercussions of using a drone for aerial photography.