Here’s Why You Need to Get SIP for Your Business

SIP on a keyboardPRI has been the reliable industry standard when it comes to telephony since the 1980s. Many businesses have relied on it to stay connected with their customers. Anyone knows how a landline works. What some people don’t realize, however, is that it has its disadvantages. One is you can only field a single call on a single number at a time.

Before you call for the services of SIP providers for Asterisk, here are three benefits you need to know:


One of the biggest advantages of SIP is that it’s far more affordable than its PRI predecessor. That’s because it doesn’t rely on very complicated and unwieldy infrastructure to set up. All you need to invest in is a decent server computer, a router, and a data plan with a service provider. That won’t set you back too much in terms of budget, making it perfect for businesses that are just starting up.


The original PRI setup limited businesses to voice calls mainly. With the services offered by SIP providers, companies have access to an expanded set of services that includes video calling as well as online collaboration over greater distances. While this primarily helps for contact among branches and departments, an additional benefit is that you can field many calls at the same time on a single number, allowing for convenient calling when you grow larger.


When you need to upgrade a PRI line, you need to spend a lot to update the necessary infrastructure to get things working. Additionally, you’ll also need to contact a telecommunications company to get the services working. With SIP, it’s often as simple as getting a better server computer or even a newer router. With the service, all you need to do is get a better data plan with your service provider.

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With all these advantages, it makes sense to upgrade to SIP to get ahead in communications technology today.