The Health Secret Food Companies don’t Want You to Know

Secrets Food Companies have been HidingHave you started counting your calories and going on a low carb diet? While you can see the results, you’ve got this dieting concept all wrong. You shouldn’t be watching your carbohydrates—you should be looking for sugars.

One of the biggest coups the food industry has pulled is making you blind to all the sugar you’re taking. Did you know that four grams of sugar is equivalent to one teaspoon? This means if you see 16 grams of sugar per serving on the nutritional value of what you’re eating, you’re actually putting four teaspoons of sugar in your body.

So how do you get rid of sugar in your diet? Here are three things you can do:

  1. Stop juicing and eat fruit raw

Juicing takes away fibre from the fruit, and leaves you with a natural form of sugar called sucrose. Even if it is all-natural, it’s still too much sugar for your body to process. Instead of juicing, slice the fruit and eat it raw.

  1. Stop eating low-fat and no-sugar foods

When food items say they don’t have sugar, and instead use sugar substitutes, they’ve basically replaced sugar with carbohydrates (which you also want to avoid eating in excess). The best food is not packaged or processed—natural ingredients cooked at home are still the healthiest. A certificate 3 in fitness, says, can help you determine which foods are best to eat while slimming down.

  1. Use honey to sweeten food instead of sugar

Still, sticking to your diet is better if you actually like the taste of the food you eat. It’s quite easy to slip back to your old, unhealthy eating habits if you don’t like how your food tastes. Be liberal with honey to sweeten your food. It doesn’t rot and you can keep it on your shelf.

When you start cutting sugar from your diet, you’ll notice that you’ll stop needing your food to be too sweet or flavourful. This means your body is adjusting to a healthier you and needs less sugar in the long run.