Handy Cabling Hacks for Tidy Data Centres

CablesAny IT-enabled business knows the value of a data colour and that its poor management spells disaster for day-to-day operations. Many issues arise from these wire-filled spaces, with improper cable management being the most prominent.

You know how it looks: a jungle of multicoloured cables draped over servers and other pieces of equipment, sprawled vine-like all over the place. It can be tough work, but it’s necessary to sort your cabling out to increase the efficiency and reliability of your server equipment. Here are a few tips for managing your wiring woes better.

Careful Measurements for Precise Snips

Tangles are the result of improper measurement of cables, looping in and out of who-knows-what. Not only is this dangerous, but it also hampers maintenance procedures and is a waste of resources. Think about it next time you dismiss two feet of extra cable as “no big deal”, and cut only after knowing exactly how much you need.

Stick Labels on Everything

Labelling both ends of a cable saves you a tremendous amount of headaches once you need to do some circuit testing. Imagine having to guess which cable you need to plug and unplug, then possibly causing one of your departments’ resources to crash. A consistent labelling system helps too, says Brady South Asia, avoiding unnecessary confusion for everyone working on your servers.

Colour Coding

It might teeter towards obsessive-compulsive, but colour-coded cables have their merits. Whether they’re patch cables or cable runs, sticking with a single colour for each determines its purpose, making troubleshooting easier since you don’t have to test all cables to find the right one. Plus, it makes for a nice-looking data centre.

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Design a Cable-Friendly Area

Avoid putting equipment and other obstacles in the way of your cabling. Choose a data centre layout that lets you run cables without hassle. There’s nothing worse than allowing your data centre to end up on the ceiling or walls like some tripwire nightmare.