Get Your Pre-Baby Weight Back with These Smart, Safe Methods

Pregnant women working outWhen a woman becomes pregnant, doctors expect her to put on more weight. According to American Pregnancy Association, the extra pounds help keep the baby safe and healthy throughout the gestation period. Moreover, as long as the weight gain is gradual, it assists the mother to cope better once the baby is born.

During the pregnancy, mothers-to-be can gain between 11 to 35 pounds on the average. Much of the weight goes to the baby and the nutrient stores and fat. Women can start losing the excess weight even after giving birth, but it usually leaves a lot more to lose.

If you’re in this dilemma, these two smart ideas may be what you need to a healthy and safe post-pregnancy weight loss:

1.Do it slowly.

Can you lose the weight fast? Yes, but you also have to remember it can be a stressful experience. New mothers already face a good amount of anxiety and don’t need more. It’s best to lose it as gradually as possible, which is at least a pound each week.

But how long is slow? The Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care suggests giving yourself three to six months.

2. Combine diet and exercise.

Once you can follow a healthy meal plan, you can begin including some exercise. In a 2007 preliminary study by Cochrane researchers, mothers who exercised alone hardly lost weight than those who followed a standard lifestyle after pregnancy. But women who combined exercise and diet fared better than the ones who received normal care.

If you’re living in Massachusetts, you can search for a Beverly personal training studio for women that offers both nutrition and fitness plans. This is to achieve a more holistic approach to weight loss. Nevertheless, don’t start any weight loss program without consulting your doctor.

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In the end, weight loss is just as personal a journey as your pregnancy. It’s something you need to work hard for but also one you must relish and enjoy. Do it at a pace you’re most comfortable without compromising your and your baby’s health and needs.