Four Reasons the World is Harnessing Solar Energy

Solar EnergyIt looks like solar energy is finally getting its moment in the sun.

In July, Swiss pilot André Borschberg flew 7,200 km from Hawaii to Japan on a plane fuelled only by solar power. Meanwhile, the Netherlands developed and installed colourful sound barriers that minimise noise pollution as well as absorb sunlight and convert it to energy.

In relation to recent events, many are asking ‘why solar power and why harness it now?’ Well, there are a number of reasons, solar specialists would claim. Here are just some of them:

A good investment

Solar power is no longer for the rich, unlike in the past. In fact, it is an opportunity for anyone hoping to reduce monthly energy bills and make a long-term, low-risk investment.

Within the last few years, the cost of solar power for homes has reasonably declined. It is now one of the most energy efficient resources, helping households save on electricity and even increase property value.

No backup system needed

In contrast to what many people think, solar energy does not need a backup system. In fact, homeowners using solar energy system for years have harnessed and utilised solar energy for practically 100% of the requirements.

Durable solar panels

Solar energy systems have no moving parts and are less vulnerable to damage, compared to systems that harness wind power. This minimises maintenance fee while ensuring that your home is functioning and operating well.

Environmentally sustainable

Solar energy is a clean energy resource striving to promote sustainable development, meeting the energy needs of the present generation without hurting the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Smaller and more vulnerable countries see the effects of climate change every day. Now, countries like Barbados are not only utilising solar power innovation to do something about climate change, but are also initiating progress in the sustainable development sector.

Solar energy is not a fantasy. It is not some futuristic, far-fetched energy source that only a privileged few can enjoy. Today, you and your neighbours can harness solar energy in your homes. With a number of economic and environmental advantages, going solar is the perfect project for you.