Five of Your Usual Apple Problems

Mac ComputerApple is one of the biggest tech brands, and pretty much everyone owns an Apple product.

With a great operating system, sleek design and awesome features, however, come more than a few problems. The battery goes from 100% charged to 95% shortly after unplugging the device. Suddenly, you cannot turn your Mac on. Amazing as they are, they can also be a headache, especially when the issues start showing.

Apple Fix and other repair centres can help you fix them. But first, read up on the usual Apple problems users encounter. Know what to expect and do, in case your gadget acts up.

The Device Will Not Switch on

After hours of charging, you find that you cannot switch your gadget on. It is a common problem for MacBook, iPad and iPhone gadgets, but owners of the first two experience this more often. The Apple Support team issued instructions to fix the dead device. Press the Sleep/Home buttons at the same time, until the logo appears on the screen.

Battery Is Always Low

Apple may release new device models and operating systems every few months, but it seems that low battery or short battery life still persists, regardless of the update. This is common in iPhone devices, and it may be due to a faulty charger or a damaged internal battery. Either way, once you get an iPhone, make an effort to practice consistent charging habits, and try not to use your phone while it is plugged in.

The Cables are Bad

If your MacBook Pro is unable to find its OS, boot, and read and write its hard drive, the cables are a possible culprit. Eliminate all potential suspects by switching to a known good hard drive, or take it out and run Rescue 3. If the issues continue after the tests come out clean, then you can blame the hard drive cables for the trouble. Find replacements in authorised sellers to get your laptop back in shape.

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It Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi

IPad Pro users complained about having connection issues, and several factors may be the cause. Try restarting your router and device before connecting again.

Siri Cannot Understand My Accent

Apple is a global brand, and it consistently updates the devices’ features to cater to an international audience. Sometimes, however, they have trouble keeping up. Siri, for instance, had trouble understanding other English accents. The company created a New Zealand English version of the virtual assistant to cater to Kiwi users. That may just be one version, but it is a handy fix.

There are glitches you can fix with a little help from Apple Support. But, when your know-how does not work, take it to professionals who can make your gadget function like new.