Facts About Satellite Communications in Disaster Recovery

SatelliteYou take it for granted, but wireless communications is one of the most important things in modern life. You only appreciate it when it is gone. Satellites make it easy for you to keep in touch with the world. However, the usual communication lines can fail when disaster strikes.

This happened with such events as the tsunami in 2004 and Hurricane Katrina of 2005. You need a backup. It is crucial for finding people and sending emergency relief. Systems for satellite disaster recovery are a dependable way to tackle communication problems.

What is satellite communications?

Back in 1979, the US put several satellites in orbit around the Earth to solve the problem of line of sight. It bounces microwaves around to other satellites as needed.

You can send data anywhere in the world without wires. This includes the internet, voice, and video. It forms the basis for modern communication.

Why use satellite for disaster recovery?

Communications is crucial when something bad happens. It can be a natural disaster. It can be war. In any case, you want to get in touch with people that can help you. When the usual systems fail or too many people are using them, you can create your own pathway.

You can easily set up a receiver anywhere in the world to communicate using satellites. As long as the satellites are still up there, you can use them to communicate. All you need is the right equipment.

Some receivers are small enough to mount on the side of a building. You can also use satellites to back up important data if you run a business.

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How do you get one?

You can get a satellite communications system for disaster recovery from your communications provider. You just need to make sure you get what you need.

There are three types available: fixed to fixed, fixed to mobile, and mobile to mobile. Discuss your needs with your provider. Get quotes from several others as well to compare.

Satellites are a dependable way to establish communications in case of disasters. You need a system for satellite disaster recovery for critical emergency response and data backup in times of need. It is the quickest and most cost-effective solution.