Expanding Broadcast Reach Means Changing Playout Provider

Expanding Broadcast ReachIt is in the spine of every broadcast network to have a playout provider that matches their ambition. It means delivering a reach that will help the network become more visible, the invisible battle among all television channels. Which comes first, or at least provides the largest area coverage, gets larger advertiser interest, potentially more income and flexibility in programming.

This is why expanding your network will likely mean you have to change your playout provider. If you have concrete plans about penetrating another demographic, a clear line for their television reception is key. There are companies that can accommodate regional growth and others, like Singtel Satellite and their satellite data and mobile services, can help you take the next step. It also helps if you are on the same continent as your provider. Despite the major focus ongoing digital that enables companies to get in touch with international service providers, nothing beats the convenience of going into business with a neighbour, so to speak.

A Matter of Growth and Stability

The BBC, one of the world’s most popular news/programme outlets, recently renewed their contract with the same playout provider. This explains their long-term goals, which is to maintain their presence in these areas. It makes sense because expansion will not mean much sense to them as they are already one of the biggest networks. In staying with the same provider, they ensure stability for the foreseeable future.

Meanwhile, an Australian company moved in a different direction, though in the same avenue. Their move to cloud-based playout is consistent with today’s trend to cater to the younger demographic and major Internet users. It helps that their current playout is nearing expiry, giving them the perfect opportunity to make the transition. This shows growth and a blueprint for companies that want to expand to other areas.

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Importance for End-to-End Service

Networks have a lot on their plate, and it will help manage your workload if you get an end-to-end provider. It is a basic service nowadays, but your provider’s history of customer service will make the difference. Be deliberate because this is your company’s lifeline.

If you are ready to grow, make sure your playout can scale with you. Do not hesitate to look at potential options which can be your long term provider.