Exceptional Advantages of Using Welded Steel Storage Tanks

Welded Steel Storage TanksWhen deciding on what type of above ground storage tank to install in your home or business premises, size, location, and purpose of the tank are not the only things you should consider. The material should always be a core factor in your decision. One of the materials that consumers favor is welded steel.

Welded steel tanks are popular on the market because of their many benefits:

Longetivity and Durability

Stainless steel, unlike other ordinary metal, is highly resistant to corrosion and other harsh elements. Its resistance to rust eliminates the need to have extra for protecting the base metal. Nonetheless, painting is necessary to improve the appeal of the tank.

Steel welded tanks are not prone to cracking and leaking, making them more reliable than plastic or bolted tanks. Stainless steel is also resistant to fire, temperature changes, and remains unaffected to prolonged exposure to UV light. With these qualities, welded steel tanks can last above ground for over 10 years.


Different purposes for above ground steel storage tanks make it necessary to shape, color and size each tank differently. With welded tanks, your provider can build you virtually anything you want. Height, diameter, shape, paint scheme, or even the roof style you want – a professional steel tank dealer will deliver it.

Cost effective

Welded steel tanks have a long life-cycle and require low maintenance costs over this period. This makes the overall costs for their ownership lower than their counterparts. Although start-up costs can be high, these tanks are worth the investment.

Hygienic and Environmental Friendly

Stainless steel tanks are hygienic and ideal for water storage. When coated correctly, steel tanks can keep water clean and safe from contamination. This feature makes them the most ideal type for use even in hospitals.

To get the best quality of tanks, always buy from trusted suppliers. This way, you can make the most of your tank purchase.