Do More with Less: How to Stay Productive

Office ProductivityWhen you’re running a company, distractions will come at you from every source. But you need the ability to block every element that keeps you from being productive. Otherwise, you waste resources, get nothing done, and your business suffers the consequences. Fortunately, strategies and tools exist to help you achieve and maintain productivity.

Leverage Technology

The right technologies can help you and your employees do more, with less effort. Productivity apps can enforce better work habits. Mobile devices enable work anywhere, ensuring that you seize opportunities at the right time. Integrated conferencing systems facilitate timely communications at low-cost than business travel. In addition, management software consolidates and simplifies business activities.

When it comes to project management, cloud-based solutions enable easier online access to applications and data for different teams. For multiple and related projects, program management software allows you to control and manage every project occurring in different areas, from sales to marketing to engineering. Whether you’re in the process of merging another company into the organization or launching a commercial development, the right Internet-based program management tool helps you do everything efficiently.

Innovative Strategies

Apart from technology, you need the right set of strategies to become productive. Multitasking, according to a study, can work against your productivity goals. Instead of doing more in a short time, you’re lengthening the time it takes to do one task. You also end up producing low-quality output. You will achieve better results doing one thing at a time.

Try the 52 and 17 rule; work for 52 minutes, then take a break for 17 minutes. The highest performing 10% tended to work for 52 minutes and took a break for 17 minutes, according to another study. Breaks recharge the mind and body and help you do more.

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Another productivity strategy similar to 52 and 17 is the two-minute rule. Give yourself two minutes to do simple tasks, such as replying to an email and approving requests. Two-minute tasks maximize your workday, so you don’t overthink things.

Productivity keeps your business successful. Equip your organization with relevant technologies. Apply strategies that ensure efficiency; soon enough, you’ll see an increase in your output and an improvement in your business.