Create an On-Hold Message That Isn’t Boring or Annoying

Marketing team updating their message regularlyThere are many ways clients can access your business. They can use the front door, phone calls or internet services. Yes, all these are equally important. However, most companies are not investing enough in phone calls. You need to engage every customer that calls — especially the ones who have to wait. Message on-hold service providers can customize your message in accordance with your branding. To create an efficient and positive experience for your clients, you can use these useful tips to develop on hold messages.

Get Straight to Your Point

While the message on hold script might look worthy on paper and a website, an audio copy is entirely different. You have the advantage of skipping any details you deem non-essential on a print copy. Callers on hold have no choice of self-editing. It is therefore important that you say what you need to say in a manner which appeals to the client’s ears to eliminate the chance of a hang-up.

Update Your Message Regularly

You may focus too much on other marketing routes and forget that a hold on message is also a great marketing tool. It is essential to keep your message up-to-date with relevant information. Make sure your message highlights any of your current promotions and new products. Generic and bland information will get your client irritated, and he or she will most probably hang up.

Keep in Mind Your Client’s Wait Time

Know your client’s average wait time. If your clients are on hold for long, do not get on their nerves with endless repeat recitations. Talk to your service provider about how you can space your message with music. Single-idea paragraphs are a good option for short wait times. Long wait times, however, should have more options.

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Like with all businesses, reputation is money. This is why you need to pay close attention to all the avenues that communicate your brand. It will help you build your credibility and brand loyalty while improving customer experience. Remember to be positive and keep it simple. If you cannot understand the message, neither will your caller.