Adjusting Your Company to be Attractive to Millennials

Young EmployeeKeeping your employees happy and secure is one way to keep them in your company. Especially if you’d like to keep the best performers and most important managers, you have to know what matters to them as far as their idea of work-life balance is concerned.

Another way to look at this is by considering that a good majority of future employees are going to be millennials, those who do not know a life without the presence of Google and Apple, although they were born before these tech giants happened or became famous. For millennials, it’s not work-life balance but the work-life connection, where the line between what they do for a living and actually living is blurred.

In many instances, people misunderstand what matters to millennials as far as jobs are concerned. Some think that this younger generation does not value work at all, and some others think this new breed of workers would rather stay with a company that supports their ideals, no matter what the pay.

The truth is millennials value money perhaps more than any other generation that preceded them. But unlike those earlier generations, millennials like to look at the bigger picture. They can’t be held down to one job all their lives. They will keep searching for what fits their modern lifestyle while fulfilling their financial needs. They are not the type to suffer silently under an overbearing boss or a company that pays them peanuts.

One other aspect that they value the most is the presence of the right benefits. From insurance to proper pharmacy benefit management (and properly explained to them), these young citizens want to know how things work, and whether or not it benefits them. They can’t be swayed by advertising, so they are not likely to believe you easily either when you say your benefits package is better than the rest of the industry; they want to find out themselves, through your website and through what others say about your company on social media.

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This is how the present and the future look like in terms of workforce and how you are supposed to address their needs. The faster and sooner you adjust to fit their needs, the sooner they’ll consider you as their employer slash business slash goal partner.