5 Ways to Guarantee Employee Safety in the Office

Man looking at the security cameras for the security of the employeesMany offices experience theft, vandalism, and personal attacks every day. Because of this, it is a company’s duty to heighten employee security, especially within office premises. Make your office a nice and safe place to work in through the following practices.

Utilize key control

Manage key access in the office by assigning it to as few individuals as possible. Create a procedure for those responsible for opening and closing your office, including the wash-room, server room, and closets. Only assign hard keys to established employees and ask them to log their names in a master registry.

Install security cameras

Having a CCTV is one of the most efficient ways to monitor employees as well as visitors. Install them in common areas inside the office and even in the parking lot. Other than deterring burglary, installing security cameras within office premises makes your employees feel safer than well.

Be aware of “dark spots”

Heighten office security by installing adequate lighting in “dark spots” such as stairways, hallways, parking lots, and other areas in which individuals can conceal themselves. Sufficient lighting discourages employees from making trouble and intruders from coming in.

Manage visitors and employee access

Determine who comes in and out of the office by hiring a receptionist. From a security system standpoint, a receptionist can closely inspect a visitor’s credentials before allowing him or her inside. You should also invest in identification labels and finger scanning systems for better employee recognition.

Implement an employee screening policy

Before hiring an individual, it is only wise to implement a background check first. Screen the person’s employment and criminal record to know his or her history. You should also check the person’s references and ask for relevant certifications or credentials.

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Set a budget for security not only to ensure the safety of your employees but also your business. Knowing and implementing the best security methods for your company allows one to be more productive at work.