4 Ways You’re Ruining Your Company’s Public Image

Public relations officer helping the clientsIt takes years to build a good business reputation. This means years of excruciatingly hard work—managing shareholders, servicing customers, and taking care of employees. But it can take as short as a minute—even seconds—to ruin it all. Here are three ways you’re undoubtedly ruining your company’s reputation.

Posting unprofessional photos on social media

Social networking sites (SNS) such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are highly powerful public relations tools. A single post on any of these SNS can strengthen your brand or ruin it for good. “Unprofessional” photos do not only pertain to inappropriate, subliminal, or provocative photos. It can also refer to shabby or cheap looking pictures. Online users will think that your company is too cheap to get professionally done photos. After all, there are already many stock-free photos available online.

Not responding to online inquiries promptly

Social media has given customers a new medium to connect with brands. In fact, it is by far the fastest way to tap the brand for inquiries, compliments, and complaints. It’s a new direct line, and customers are using it to get the inside scoop and faster communications. Your company should be able to respond to these inquiries promptly. Otherwise, you’re losing more fans, followers, and even patrons than you know.

Not hiring a professional public relations team

As mentioned above, it can take years to build a solid company reputation and minutes—even seconds—to ruin it. While some companies have their in-house PR teams, many still prefer to hire PR firms to handle the biggest bulk of the work—dealing with the public. One of the top benefits of hiring an external team or using external public relations tools like babbler.us is that the PR firm already has a solid network and an even solid reputation, which your company can take advantage of.

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Protect Your Public Image Fiercely

Do not be misled by the thinking that hiring an external PR firm is an unnecessary expense. Remember, it can take longer to bounce back from a public fiasco than hire a team to protect your already solid reputation.