3 Telephone Benefits Millennials Should Remember

Telephone being usedYou’re probably reading this on your smartphone. Before the age of iPhones and tablets came upon us, there was the time of the telephone. The telephone revolutionized long-distance communication for people because if you needed to send someone a message, you no longer had to use snail mail. You just had to dial some numbers, and you would get connected to your intended recipient. Here are three benefits that the telephone introduced, explained in more detail.

Faster Process

Before, you had to endure waiting for a certain amount of time before you could receive the message intended for you. After you received it, you would then send back your response, which would then make your correspondent wait for a while before he or she reads it. When telephones came in, they made the sending and receiving of messages faster. You no longer had to wait a certain period because you’re talking with the person already.

Straight From The Source

Because telephones allow you to listen to a message instead of waiting to read it, the accuracy of the message is now guaranteed. You can hear it straight from the source, and this is why telephone calls are deemed reliable than written messages in some cases. Whereas one could easily forge handwriting in letters, you can’t just fake a voice in a telephone call. This is why the telephones are preferred, to the point that you can use telephone services with the internet. This is made possible by Session-Initiation Protocol or SIP trunks. People with internet access could now call their loved ones.

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Emergency Use

The telephone’s fast and accurate nature became a valuable asset for emergency response teams. This enabled people to seek help in case of emergencies in their homes immediately. All they had to do was dial some numbers (usually 3, like 911) and report the situation to an officer.