3 Digital Experts You Need to Grow Your Business

Online Marketing ConceptIn today’s world, the battle for consumers is conducted in an online arena. Companies continuously fight to generate leads and convert online users into brand followers using the powers of digital marketing. For a new business or an old one who wants to adopt digital technologies, it can be quite confusing. So here are three digital experts you need on your team to help your business survive and thrive.

SEO Expert

Find a Los Angeles SEO expert to help you thrive in the search engine game. Simply put, a search engine optimization expert is a highly trained professional who analyzes your existing website and tweaks it to help search engines find you better through keywords integrated into your website.

For instance, if you have a pizza parlor in LA and all of your competitors are using the keywords “best pizza restaurant in LA,” you need an SEO expert’s help to ensure that your website is on the first page of search engine results. Otherwise, customers will have a hard time finding your pizza place online, even if you have a website.

Social Media Manager

It’s not just about what you post, but how you post it—the “voice” you use, the trends you pick up and the timeliness of your posts. A social media manager’s experience in what works and what doesn’t will help your business maximize its activities in social networking sites such, as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

The goal is to represent your brand online and keep users engaged in conversations. A social media manager is also responsible for answering online inquiries and ensuring the brand’s positive image online.

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Content Marketing Specialist

Content marketing specialists ensure a regular release of timely, relevant, and informative content that will entice users to visit the site and share the content online. It’s not just about having an online presence. It’s about consistently providing your consumers with reasons to visit your website and patronize your brand.

While you can always hire in-house talents, hiring a digital marketing agency gives you the advantage of working with professionals who hold vast experience and knowledge in digital technology. You need these experts to ensure that your website and online campaigns are working as expected.