3 Amazing Benefits of Learning through Multimedia

Multimedia Learning Integrating several sensory aids such as voice, music, images and videos into training or learning platforms help communicate the ideas more compellingly. These components are skillfully weaved into training videos to make the ideas more effective, and the learning experience more powerful. Here are a few benefits of using an interactive multimedia training platform.


Humans are known to have an extremely short attention span, which allows us to retain only 20% of everything we hear. In contrast, we retain 75% of a combination of seeing, hearing and doing. This point to the direction that any method of learning that involves an integration of sound, visual and interaction is more likely to be retained. This allows for better comprehension of concepts, which makes learning more effective.

Cost Benefits

When the concept is driven home effectively, there’s less need to spend time and money on retraining. Multimedia training tools are more cost effective as they allow the management to train a large number of audience with just one integrated video, rather than hiring expensive trainers to conduct training in batches. There’s no need to block expensive venues, people can learn from anywhere. It is also more practical in the sense that people can assimilate the information better and in return apply it in their everyday practices quickly.


One of the best parts of online training is the flexibility it gives, Velpic.com explains. People can learn anytime, anywhere on any device. Management and colleges can create a highly interactive and facilitated eLearning to help employees/students learn at their own pace. There’s a more enhanced user experience by learning through hands-on interactive training, and the need to be present for training at a particular time and place is completely eliminated.

Overall Effectiveness, Cost Efficiency, and Flexibility

E-Learning or multimedia training can be highly effective as it facilitates better comprehension, can be cost effective for institutions with large workforce/ student population and can offer learners the flexibility of getting trained from just about anywhere. Hiring the services of an online training designing company can help you save time and money, and boost productivity.